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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  June 20, 2017 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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because we don't just want your kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger. . this is fox 5 news morning. ahead at 7:00, road rage. that's what police say led up to a muslim teen's murder in fairfax county. her father is speaking out and the nation coming together calling for justice. >> long dress and you know, everybody knows she's muslim >> we went back to the neighborhood 17-year-old nabra hassanen call home and spoke to her father. we're told he hasn't slept >> we have allegations of grade fixing to boost graduation rates in prince george's county. it is a story
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fox 5 and our investigation isn't stopping. this morning the claim putting school board members against each other >> the storm damage left behind from yesterday after the severe storms rolled through. a live look where a tornado touched down only on the ground for a little bit. we'll take a closer look at the hardest hit >> i'm holly morris in for allison see >> i've steve cheveney. >> we'll take it. let's get a quick check on weather and traffic >> it will be beautiful this afternoon, lots of sunshine, no storms in the forecast. as we head to later, we do get the summer heat back and have that full forecast coming up. how are the roads look >> morning rush in full swing with a lot of congestion and we have safetrack impacting the red line and blue line delays, a full look at metro next
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we're going to start with clean-up efforts >> nash weather service confirmed that a tornado hit a montgomery county neighborhood yesterday afternoon. 70 miles per hour winds, bob barnard checked out the today's. >> we're in what they call the northwood park section. this house has been condemn one of two in this neighborhood. that's had a white oak tree that was knocked down by this weak but still tornado that the national weather service said came through this area 3:48 p.m. yesterday. you can see the house is covered in the branchs from the white oak, the street behind it. house also condemned. two homes condemned, 12 cars damaged by this ef 0 tornado, two people sent to the hospital for evacuation but apparently are going to be ok. power was out in this neighborhood about five hours. one of the
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the event yesterday. >> all of a sudden, i heard this loud wind. then i over my head, an to the side, we could just hear crashing. i could hear branches falling and i worried these trees were going to come through the roof >> there's superficial damage to other homes in the neighborhood, but right here, in the four corner section of silver spring the worst of it two homes condemned by this tornado. again, the weakist but came through our area yesterday afternoon. let's get to the murder of a fairfax county teenager. headlines all around the world, 17-year-old nabra in what police say was road rage but her family and many others say she was targeted because of being muslim >> the #justice for nabra are trending, many argue she was killed
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>> melanie alnwick is live with the latest. >> reporter: the all dulles area muslim society is planning nabra's funeral for tomorrow. amid questions about the suspect's motivation. even as fairfax county police say there's no evidence at this point to suggest that darwin torres committed this murder because of any kind of bias against a particular race or religion. we did get the autopsy results yesterday and they revealed 17-year-old nabra hassanen died of blunt force trauma to the upper body. it was 3:40 in the morning in a large group of teens walking back from mcdonald's to the adams mosque where there had been services. some were on the sidewalk but some in the road itself. nabra and others were wearing long dresses and head scarfs and the teen's father believes that's what drew the suspect's attention. >> this is what i believe. if -- many people in the street. why he run behind the
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ladies, and this ladies, she have, you know, a long, long dress, and the cloth for, you know, everybody know this kid is muslim. why you do this to my daughter. >> reporter: police called it road rage and they say darwin torres was driving down the road and got into an argument. the kids scattered but torres caught up with them in a parking lot and began chasing them with a baseball bat. he caught nabra and struck her with the bat put her in his car and dumped her body in a loudoun county pond. we learned that torres who is from el salvador may be in the country illegally. ice launched a detain but added agents had no prior contact. torres is currently being held without bond. they're leaving open the possibility perhaps hate crime charges could be filed if there isvi
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direction. also here, mosque leaders are asking the community not to engage in speculation as to the moive and say they do have faith that fairfax county police and other law enforcement will fully prosecute this case. live in sterling, melanie alnwick, fox 5 local news. let's take a closer look at that justice for nabra hash tag. dozens of tweets and social media posts can be found. some simply the hash tags. but definitely, trending this this morning >> several vigils planned across the country for nabra, at least ten vigils in her honor are playing. you can is where on their screen, many taking place will be at dupont, the others later in the week in rest in. . let's go ahead and talk a little bit of whether with mike thomas >> last day of spring will be absolutely fantastic. humidity
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break, and more comfortable air moving in. in fact, we're nine degrees cooler than yesterday. still in the 80's this time. 70's this morning, dulles, manassas, culpeper, all ten degrees cooler than yesterday. 71 is current number in dc. quantico and leonardtown, gaithersburg much more comfortable 64 as well as winchester martinsberg, 66 at this hour, there's your satellite and radar, storms cheered the coast line for the most part. clouds are even going to clear the coast line there and will have more sunshine at the beaches, here in dc, a couple of passing cluds from time to time. it will be warm. shy of 90 degrees, but a lot less humidity mean as much more feel. summer starts tomorrow. how long will we keep the more comfortable air around? have the answers coming up in a couple of minutes. >> erin, good morning. we're going to start y
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with a look at skyfox over the 270 spur and we're seeing a lost southbound congestion right there at the submit to the beltway. as you make your way down 270 give yourself from 70 to the beltway, it's about a 30-minute delay of stop and go traffic. once you get to the beltway outer loop is jammed, inner loop is heavy across the lesion bridge. let's go and switch it over to our cameras, not only area of congestion, inner loop crash after georgia town road adding to the slowdown traffic in the right lane getting by, left lane has to get around the one vehicle, disabled, please use caution, one of the left lanes blocked. safetrack right now closed stayings on the red line, shady grove and rockville, trains between shady grove and twin brook. blue line getting back to normal. yellow line whole lot of red. 66 look at that jam-up through fairfax as you make your way from 29
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beltway. 270 southbound adding to the slowdown crash blocking the shoulder at 80 then again you get heavy through montgomery county we showed you that skyfox by the 270 spur, gw southbound we have a crash on the parkway after 395. you're a bit heavy into georgetown from the key bridge in rosslyn and then southern maryland typical delays earlier disabled vehicle on the inner loop out by 295 blocking the shoulder and typical volume in clinton on five inbound. more traffic in a few. back to you, holly and steve. on the hill, senate democrats spoke late into the night. criticizing how republicans are putting together their version of the healthcare reform being crafted by a handful of repblican senators. democrats using procedural tactics to try to slow the work on the bill but that didn't stop mitch
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bill reaches the senate. chuck schumer challenged that action >> will it be available to us and the public more than ten hours before we have to vote for it? since our leader has said our republican leader there will be plenty of time for process where people can make amendments you need time to prepare those amendments >> we'll have ample opportunity to read and amend the bill >> will it be more than ten hours >> ample opportunity to read and amend the bill >> i rest my case >> the senate bill if passed would city hall need to be reconciled by the house version which barely got by last month. all eyes in georgia. the most expensive in history. >> maureen is joining us with more on the race that many see as an indication of what's to come. >> typically a special election. the amoun
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georgia has been something to see with democrats and republicans seeing a great deal at stake. >> we're going out work, out hustle, out fight, out canvas, we're going to win tomorrow. >> reporter: is this the future of the democratic party? 30-year-old john asof is carrying the hopes of democrats across the country hoping to claw back a congressional seat democrats haven't held since 1979. >> and we're going to rock nancy employee see's world >> this is scene by both sides as an important predicator for the mid term elections and impact of president trump. if democrats pull out a win here, they think they will be on their way to winning the 24 seats they will need to take back control of the house. >> this is exactly the type of district they hope they can win if they can retake the house in 2018. a lot will be
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suburban districts that republicans have long held. >> reporter: money, especially for democratic has been pouring in with spending both sides expected to exceed $50 million unheard of in house rate. president trump weighed in on twitter needling osof who lives outside the sixth district. opponents can't even vote because he doesn't even live there. while this is a district republicans have long held, president trump barely beat clinton last year, and democrats see an opening. >> there's controversy over a super pack advertisement. the add features images of last week's shooting at a baseball practice. even though the ads support karen handle, she said it is disgusting and should be taken down, but steve and holly a waste to watch, a lot of people are looking at it as some sort of early referendum on
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agenda. the american student released from north korea last week in a coma died. outrage growing. the president even speaking out. a heat wave causing major issues, temperatures expect soar as high as 120 degrees.
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♪ ♪. 71 degrees on this tuesday, yesterday at this time, it was 81 degrees at this early hour. and it was heavy out there. you could tell there were storms coming. today, we're going to make up for it. nice weather, beautiful sunshine. you had the day off go to the pool. enjoy, get outside, later on this week, that sticky hot humid? we'll be back >> comes back. let's bring you through yesterday's storm report. every little dot you see is a report of wind damage. mostly one state of emergency that came up through northern virginia along the i66 corridor and then up through dc where it dropped one tornado, of course we've been talking about it all morning, bob barnard is there in the southeastern portions of montgomery county. trees down, of course, it was rated an ef 0 with winds of 70 mines,
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little over .2 miles and only for a minute or two. as it continued to push off. frontal systems is clearing the coast line and taking the heat and humidity with it, sunny and warm but much less humid. as holly mentioned, we were ten degrees warmer than that. pulling out the big map. i want to show you phoenix and los angeles nevada. it's just after 4:00 in the morning there, phoenix is already 90, los angeles is 93 degrees. very hot start there, and as mentioned, their high temperatures expect to be mere 120. 88 daytime high, not nearly as humid, first day of summer 88. as well we get 90's back thursday and friday, and by the way the weekend looks unsettled keeping an eye on the tropics talking about that coming up in a bit. >> 114 in scottsdale and he was on the golf course -- of course >> it was a dry heat, steve. >> air conditioning is a wonderful
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>> good morning, right now 7:17, breaking news on the roads if you're heading towards glen burny this is 100 dealing with a crash involving an overturned tractor-trailer there, just the left shoulder getting by, that is 100 eastbound right at 97. again, big delays it's a bottle neck all the way back to 170 and as you approach 170. switch it overwe do have a rubber next one hundred westbound to our other cameras a few beltway crashes inner loop crash after georgetown pike, you can see the truck out there have not some of the left lanes are blocked. this is causing a massive congestion from 66 to georgetown road and then also keep in mind that we're dealing with another crash on the beltway inner loop at van door rin. left lanes getting by causing a slowdown as you pass van door rin on the outer loop. it's just as heavy as the inner loop, metro get back to normal except
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impacting the red line, close station shady grove and rockville, shuttle services on busses placing train service. watch out for the delays they will be in place till the 25th. things getting back to normal on yellow and blue line, and then aside from that, we just have a lot of slow moving traffic. 270 southbound, 66 eastbound through centerville and 95 northbound into dale city. tonight there will be a reopening ceremony at eugene is simpson stadium park in alexandria, the baseball field on east monroe where last week's ambush shooting took place arbitration agreement a republican softball practice. the feel was set to reopen last night. but was pushed back a day due to severe storms. as the victim of the tack continue to recover, a blood drive held on capitol hill in their honor to help support all those impacted including steve scalise, special agent crystal greener and matt mika. the drive will be
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foyer of the rayburn house office building from 10:30 to:30 this afternoon. outrage continuing to mountain over the country over the death of otto warmbier, the college student being released from north korea. the 22-year-old suffered severe brain damage. university of virginia student sentenced to 15 years hard labor for stealing a propaganda protester and served 17 months >> he spent a year and a half in north korea, a lot of bad things happened. but at least we got him home to be with his parents. it's a brutal regime. and we'll be able to handle it rex tillerson demanding the release of three other americans currently detained in north korea. the family of the 22-year-old released statement saying he was at peace, home and we believe he could sense that. demanding answers, democrats
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about president trump's former national security advisor's trip to the mideast. top lawmakers believe michael flynn failed to report a 2015 trip to the mideast. if that is the case. flynn violated federal law. federal and congressional probes have been looking closely at flynn's foreign travel. several large wildfires in california, utah and colorado and alaska continue to burn outside of los angeles. the brush fire prompted evacuations near big bear lake and in utah, a large wild fire threatening homes and businesses in and around the ski town there. if you are already sick of the heat, bad news, only going to get worse. year after year, after year. faking the grade, a story you first saw here on fox 5, prince george's county public schools accused of boosting grades for hundreds of failing students. ahead at 7:30, a maryland state senator will join us to
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♪ ♪. 7:24 and the extreme heat has caused the cancelation of at least 20 regional flights out of the phoenix airports. the planes have a maximum operating temperature of 118 degrees, its forecast to reach 120. meanwhile in las vegas, visitors are being told to take it easy. it's considered one of the hottest spots due to long
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speaking of a heat wave, rising temperatures becoming more common across the country, due to climate change. this is according to a study by the group nature climate change. a study also found by the year 2100, three out of four people on earth could be subject to at least 20 days of heat associated with heat waves per year. separate study heat waves becoming more deadly. the bottom line is they're saying it's getting hotter >> it will get hotter for us >> talking about it all morning, today is the best day of the week by far, get out and enjoy it. humidity is dropping, still up 70 in washington. you can kind of paint the cold front on here, runs down the notify corridor and through northern virginia, drier air pushing in to the north and west. up torts martinsberg and hagerstown is coming in few more hours and the values will start to drop. morning hours will be uncomfortable humidity-wise, by the time we get to the afternoon, much more pleasan
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won't stick around too longing get out and enjoy it while you can. here's your planner for the day. heading out and about lots of sunshine just few clouds from time to time. 82 by 11:00. by 2:00, temperatures into the middle 80's, 86. later on this afternoon, high temperatures later on this afternoon about 87, 88. again, a beautiful tuesday, get out and enjoy it >> that's weather. are the roads as enjoyable as this forecast >> absolutely not. big problems. >> it's time for the >> i want to start you off with a look at traffic completely stopped, this is 100 on the eastbound side right at 97 they had been letting the left shoulder squeeze by right now, everything stopped because of tht crash. huge rubber neck delay on the westbound side as well, hundred hundred heading to and from glen burny not great. other jam areas, this is a crowded jam camera, look at this
7:27 am
one, completely parked from the springfield interchange past the georgetown pike because of a crash and completely parked on the outer loop because of a crash on van darn street. 100 both directions out by glen burny backed up and also jammed areas on 270 southbound. unfortunately busy morning, holly and steve. 7:27, story a lot of people are talking about. allegations of grade fixing to boost graduation rates in prince george's county a closer look at the investigation, we're going to sit down with maryland state senator, 7:27 is our time, fox 5 news morning.
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♪ 7:30 right now. live look at fed ex field. prince george's county. that's where u2 will be playing tonight. so it's a 7:00 o'clock show. nice rush hour traffic trying to get it there. you'll have few extra vehicles on the roadway with you if you're on the beltway and the roads leading to text he had field tonight. we'll see if we can find what they're looking as far as fans getting out to fed ex field without extra traffic. >> it will be good weather once they get there. nice night for outdoor concert. >> as we turn to the latest on a story you saw first on fox5. >> several prince george's school board members have written letter to the governor's office calling for the state to investig
7:31 am
fixing to boost high school graduation rates. >> our lindsay watts spoke with numerous teachers and counselors who say they have been told to push students through whether they earned their grades or not. >> reporter: the teachers and guidance counselor we spoke to wanted their department at thes concealed for fear of retaliation. they work at different high schools, but tell the same st story. >> they're banging everything on, um, graduation rates and things of that nature. so there's incredible pressure coming from the central office on to all of the principals at all the schools to push kids through whether they've really earn the credits or not. >> it comes down from the county that comes down to the preps that come down to the staff. what are you going to do to make sure they pass rather than what are you going to do to make sure they learn rt report boosting the graduation rate has been a top priority for dr. maxwell. prince george's county had been lagging behind the state average before making major gains and plenty of headlines
7:32 am
and there's a stelle celebration going on in prince george's county. >> rolling celebration across prince george's county today. >> along with the spike in graduates there have been some procedural changes. for example, students will get minimum of 50% for making a good faith effort on an assignment or assessment. >> as long as 50% of the work is done, it doesn't have to be correct, has to be complete which makes no sense. >> reporter: we're told that's just the beginning. >> either out right asking the teacher to change the grade, um, i've seen them just change the grade. >> reporter: this guidance counselor says her principal told her to contact the teachers of failing seniors. >> you know them all. tell them change all the grades whether it was a 30 or a 50. change it all to passing. >> reporter: fox5 obtained an e-mail from a guidance counselor and a cyst ant principal at duvall high school it says, below a list of our seniors who need one last intervention with your assistance. it goes on to ask for
7:33 am
minute rub jeannie in a bottle assistance. listing the names of 141 seniors and their teachers. this was sent about a month before graduation. >> graduation rate for last year 92.3 9% one of the highest graduation rates in prince george's county. >> reporter: duvall one of the school where is dr. mack well was celebrating the high graduation rate. >> my question is, how is this happening? >> reporter: it's also where this mom has an 11th greater. she says she learned he was failing a class with a 29%. she talked to the teacher. >> and she had nothing tolls justify a higher grade. the guidance counselor for that graduses said do not worry, he will pass with a 65. >> reporter: she says her son up deed passed the class and he's very aware of why. >> i try to challenge and say and you need to give more with that essay, you need to study little bit more, what for, they're going to pass me any way? he's passing. no problem. does he know the
7:34 am
idea. am i going to be tasked to teach hm that over the summer? i've already begun that process. >> reporter: we reached out last week to dr. maxwell. he declined our request for an interview but provided a statement. he calls the board members letter politically motivated and says these claims are a front to the hard work of our teachers, administrators, students and parents over the last few years. i categorically deny any systemic efforts to promote students who did not meet state graduation requirements. we welcome the maryland state department of education to fully explore this matter. >> we are confident that they won't find anything. >> reporter: school board chair yubanks and eight other board members wrote their own letter saying they're shocked and displayed by the alleg allegations. >> the claim that folks are pushing students out is false. we are pushing our students to be the best that they can be. if there's any clear and compelling evidence from legitimate authoritiesbo
7:35 am
>> reporter: since they've writ tent letter have you asked for the evidence they reference idea. >> we have not asked them for any evidence. we've gone to our administration to say we want to make sure that everything that they've told us is correct and that there is absolutely no systemic corruption going on and we're confident that they'll give us that information. >> i believe that we will be vindicated in this. >> dr. maxwell also declined our request to appear with us this morning. lindsay's investigation into alleged grade fixing not the first time prince george's county schools have dealt with that issue. in fact similar claims made few years ago but the state said it found no evidence to support them. still parents and community members have been talking about this for some time. >> joining us this morning state senator anthony mews who represents district 26 in prince george's county. good morning. thanks for joining us. >> good morning. thank you both for having me. >> when is the first time you heard of grade fixing in prince george's county schools. >> two, three years ago. i've heard
7:36 am
i've been hearing that and before this letter came out, we held a hearing so to speak two weeks ago and teachers did testify to that. they did talk about that. guidance counselors talk about that. many of them were afraid to come forward but they did register a testimony, and when i say see us, you know, laughing and partying and saying, gee, look at what we've done, nine 2%, what i'm thinking about all those students who are now out there and i have the evidence, i had testimony last night, upwards of 70% who are going into prince george's community college are having to take some of them up to two years of remedial classes before they can even take normal classes. we've turned two year college into four year college. others aren't ready. they don't have vocational skills. we are i believe from all that i have looked at and i'm not new at this, 15, 16 years i've been doing this. >> okay. let's look at it from the other side side.
7:37 am
th right, one time? they said no evidence was found. and then there's dr. maxwell's claim that this is a witch hunt for him. it's long been known there's been a lot of interpretation between the board and him. >> that is correct. >> we had board member on our air call for his resignation. what is your response to. >> my response so that is this. just come out and give an answer. come out and listen to the teachers. not appearing today is the same as not appearing in front of our hundreds of parents who went to the school to talk about it. when you refuse to talk about it, when you claim that everything that everyone is doing is politically motivated but you're doing everything right it doesn't give a sense of being responsible, being accountable and that's what we -- that's what we have in our county at this point. >> it's easy to detail the problems. not easy to dee dale the solutions. as a state senator you hold some power and you have thible to do some things. what can happen? what should happen? >> from here it has gone to state board. this is a different state board.
7:38 am
i'm also looking at bringing in a battery of lawyers to take a look at this. when they're isolated incidents, it's very difficult for one person to stand up and say it. it's difficult in terms of whistleblowers. testimony that is i've heard in terms of whistleblowers. instead of giving incentives we don't do that. we punish teachers. that i know. 15 years i've chaired the state personnel fair practices committee, and i know weak from tear. we have to begin to say, we going to bring people in, even if we have to go as far as the justice department. because education is a civil right. and if we have to go to the justice department to say we're going to educate our children, we're not simply going to push them through, if you're not making it, we're going to hold you back. we're going to do what is -- what needs to be done. and we're not going to make gee, let's have a party, nine 2% graduation rate. i don't believe that. >> dyo
7:39 am
should resign. >> i have called for his resignation and i've call it for more the fact that one person who is only accountable to the county executive. no matter who that person is, it's difficult and they're not going to be accountable. they're not going to be responsive and that's what i'm getting from the person that i serve. >> you sound fortunately confident you believe this may be in fact happening. >> i believe to what magnitude i do not know but i believe this is happening. >> appreciate you joining you. >> my pleasure. >> thank you for your time and for the trip in. we know it was arduous. >> yeah. >> still ahead washington rocker john bon jovi is doing in the nation's capitol today. i think we already know what he's doing in the nation's capitol today because we showed fed ex field nonetheless. >> plus little early for this. but attention holiday shoppers. change this year when it comes to ups deliveries. first, though, as we can attest from the senator being here there are traffic issues out there this morning, erin. >> we're seeing big problems from overturned tractor trailer
7:40 am
that is 100 eastbound by 97. and then also 295 southbound a crash by eastern of a blocking right lane causing big delays. in and outer loop problems as well. keep it right here to fox5. we'll help you steer clear of all those tuesday traffic issues. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪♪
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back at 7:42 right now. more trouble for at a cad today air bag. lega e
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chick-fil-a tested the bun in few states since april of last year. >> all right. coming up kevin will join us one more time before he leaves london to come back seen us here in washington. >> man he's had a busy last couple of days including a sit down with one of the stars of the new plan nest apes film. fox beat coming up next. next. ♪ introducing the new sleep number 360 smart bed. the only bed smart enough to change sleep as we know it. it senses your every move and automatically adjusts on both sides to keep you comfortable. and snoring... does your bed do that? right now save on sleep number 360 smart beds. plus, it's the lowest prices of the season with savings of $500 on our most popular p5 bed.
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♪ >> that's not good. no. >> traffic problems shut down anne arundel county
7:47 am
that overturned tractor trailer at maryland 100 eastbound just after 97. so you are not going to get through there till they get that taken care of. erin of course will update us on that in a few. right now mike is all about the weather. >> yeah. weather is all about being nice today. after rough day yesterday. we had the storms. we had the damage. we had the tornado. 91 of that today. >> good. >> relax inner piece enjoy the day. >> nam ma stay. >> nice day coming. warm but a lot less humid today. again you'll notice that change in humidity quieter next day -- next couple of days coming our way, and again some good weather on the way. heat and humidity back towards thursday and friday 90-degree temperatures back. one thing we'll be watching next few days keeping an eye on the tropics which are kicking up quite a bit for june. usually june is even though it's hurricane season quieter month. we have two areas we're watching. this is tropical storm brett far far to our south not real threat for us bringing a lot of rain trinidad and tobago and to portions of venezuela. there
7:48 am
life right now. winds upgraded to 45 miles an hour. little bit of strengthening there but still mostly a rain maker for those regions. as it continues to push off to the west here it will hit a zone of unfavorable development and should get ripped apart as it continues its journey westward. one other area we're watching is this potential tropical cyclone number three. it's got the strength of a tropical storm but it's not yet completely a tropical storm yet. they have not given eight name. lots of rain being thrown up into the southern portions of the united states here with this we're watching locally because watch its track here as we head towards the weekend, some of these models want to bring it right up over d.c. now it wouldn't be a wind maker. travels over land here so it will ruin the wind field but it would bring some tropical moisture our way and give us a chance of thunderstorms as we head towards friday and saturday of this week. keep an eye on that. temperatures this morning much more comfortable. 71 degrees in d.c. the rain is now clearing the coastline. we're breaking out into sunshine across the region. it will be beautiful day. high pressure taking
7:49 am
in our direct. lots of sunshine much drier air still warm, though, still going to have summertime feel with temperatures in the upper 80s later on this afternoon. fox5 accu weather seven day forecast those spring ends at 88 and summer begins at 88 the first full day of summer longest day of the year as well. temperatures return to the 90s thursday and friday and again second half of friday and saturday and sunday we got to watch what that storm will do whether or not we have a chance of thunderstorms each and every day there. all right. that's a check of the forecast. erin you are busy now this morning with that tractor trailer. >> we were just talking about that, mike much this is 100 eastbound even though it's at the top of the camera 97 at 100 they flip the camera overturn tractor trailer all lanes in the shoulder of 100 eastbound completely shut down at 97. huge police presence there. it looks like they've gotten a lot of the back up out of the way there. you can exit at 170 and take that around to get to where you need to be today. because that 170 seeing extra congestion 32 backing up. this is after bw parkway on 100 eastbound agai
7:50 am
and look at that rubberneck delay right now on the westbound side of 100 by 97. that's backing up as well. we'll switch it over and show i was look at our other cameras. 270 dealing with a crash right -- excuse me 295. that is 295 dealing with a crash we're moving the camera to see what's going on the northbound side a rubberneck delay. southbound left lane is blocked with a crash at eastern avenue. we'll keep updated thon one, then the inner loop earlier crash at georgetown pike that should say backed up traffic because of that from the springfield interchange all the way up across the legion bridge it's at a standstill that crash didn't help anything. let's take look at our maps right now. aside from that, seeing super heavy traffic to and from powder mill road, baltimore washington parkway both directions. 95 southbound from basically icc to the bell way completely jammed. outer loop in college park from 95 over to the 270 spur you're jammed. 270 southbound it's about an hour delay coming down from urbana to the beltway and then you can see earlier crash still block the shoulder. so delays north at that point as well. and
7:51 am
past the pentagon. metro dealing with safetrack impacting the red line. holly and steve. >> erin thank you very much. happening today rock star john bon jovi back in d.c. to receive array ward singer being honored for his efforts to combat poverty and homelessness. he'll receive the award from the nab education association at 7:00 o'clock. musician the chairman of the john bon jovi soul foundation grants to non-profit organizations all across the country. >> he's not playing at fed he can field tonight. that's bono and u2. >> hmm. >> so many rockers in town. hard to keep them straight. >> ceremony in d.c. fed ex enjoy the second half of u2 show. time for the fox beat right now let's go to london. >> yes. >> that's where we find our beloved kevin mccarthy. about ready to head home. we miss you kev. sounds like you had a good time while you were there. >> i managed you too, holly and steve. i am getting ready to fly home i'm leaving here in five minutes but i do want to say yesterday i
7:52 am
with one of the most famous actors whose not famous. if that makes sense he's not really extremely recognizable but he's played rolls stars wars, lord of the ring, king kong, is a a avengers. the footage from war from the planet of the apes he plays caesar the actor's name is andy circus in these films he's not physically on screen but everything you're seeing the character doing he's physically doing onset. this might sound like inside baseball but he will raully fascinating to metho think this guy who played some of the most iconic rolls in history let's show you some of these roles, he was galem in lord of the ring. famous character in the robert films and lord of the rings of the he played king kong in two phose five and most apparently starting to get on screen rolls with avengers and black panther he's playing these characters through technology called performance capture where he's
7:53 am
dots all over his body. they create the performance from that. i spoke to him about how this actually works and why for the past 16 or 17 years this is not yet been recognized by the academy awards. watch this. >> take me back, if you don't mind, 16 years ago when the first lord of rings film came out 6789 you were doing this incredible technology and now stepping into this film in 2017, what did it look like then and what does it look like now and what stayed the same and what's changed? >> motion capture the physical capture of the body has not chaged since a great deal since 2001 or 2002. other than that you can shoot outside on location i should say. that is the big thing that's chachanged. at that time you could only shoot with volume with cameras in studio 360 degrees. were you now actually when we started working on planet of the apes we were able to take cameras outside for
7:54 am
was one thing. facial capture is probably the most significant difference because when we were shooting lord the rings there was no facial capture it was basically my performance was filmed and the animators copied frame by frame exactly what my face was doing. but this, this is direct drive. so to a certain extent you have markers on your face, you have a head mounted camera, and then the skill is of the artist the visual effects company to take that performance which is, h goes into the cut and watches the scenes and creates all the drama and the beats and everything. you know, gets the scenes exactly right. then the visual effects start. he lives with that cut for nearly a year. while the visual effects start to come in they take the facial performance and translating it on to the fiss i don't know nom me of ape characters. >> talk about why you think this is an issue in regards why it's not being recognized as it should be as a performance? >> it's interest
7:55 am
there's nothing to say it hadn't been recognized. it's just that people start to want to put it into a different category and that's where the muddle comes because there's no need for it to be put into different different category. >> exactly. >> acting is acting as you know and i've been saying for the last 16 years. >> yeah. >> people still say to me were you actually there when they were shooting caesar. >> they don't get it. of course i was there. i was acting opposite woody or i was acting jason clark or james franco we're acting looking into each other's eyes creating the scene. >> he may be the most famous not famous actor. the films he's been in star wars, lord of rings, king kong, avengers, hobbit now the planet of the apes films it really is incredible. i think it's interesting that the academy has yet to recognize even just voice actors look at robin williams in aladdin he was never recognized either. so this is basically that with physical will the as well. very interesting. >> do these gigs pay as well as big-time acting jobs? >> yeah. i think now at the level he's at with the films he's
7:56 am
think planet of the apes -- i don't think he's getting brad pitt money. >> right. >> but definitely ma making i'm sure a good amount of money. being a lead star in a movie. >> did you say he's actually doing movies where you can see his face so he's not just doing -- yes. >> motion capture? >> yes. black panther the most -- movie coming out he's on screen he was also on screen in the avengers in movie called 13 going on 30 primarily he's hyped these very famous characters. >> tollly kev, i think they're calling your flight. you better go. >> bye guys. >> see ya. see you tomorrow morning. >> all right. look forward it to. >> 7:00 vick. let's check in with mike thomas. >> guys, pretty good day on tap after yesterday's rough and tumble weather. but again, today cold front clearing the coastline and we got sunshine moving into the d.c. region. going to be beautiful afternoon for us here in d.c. temperatures later on today 88 here in washington. quantico 87. 86 for manassas. really key to these temps while they'll be warm we'll have low humidity. that changes later on this week. heat comes back by thursday afternoon. high pressure settling off the southeast coastline more
7:57 am
southerly flow bring the humidity back temperatures head back to the 90's. next cold front starting to approach the region by friday maybe tropical moisture as well bringing a chance of thunderstorms as we head towards the end of the week. all right. that's a check of the forecast. ervin back with busy morning on the roads. >> i am. 7:57. still dealing with overturned tractor trailer closing all lanes of 100 eastbound. that's at 97. so no traffic getting by you have to detour at 170. little bit of a rubberneck delay on the westbound side. let's switch it over show was else you're up against this morning. big delays on the inner loop you're almost parked because of a crash by georgetown pike. take a closer look at that and metro as we continue. keep it to fox5.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
>> this is fox5 news morning. good morning. i'm maureen umeh. >> i'm steve chenevey. thanks so much for joining you. >> 8:00 a.m. this tuesday, june 20th, 2017. here's what's on the fox5 news morning menu. a case of road rage leads to muslim teen's murder in fairfax county. that's what police say. but this morning the victim's father is speaking out and says something otherwise a mid a nationwide call for justice. plus major cleanup effort underway in montgomery county after tornado touched down in silver spring. >> and it is a battle in the skies between dozens of female pilots. the air race classic getting underway
8:01 am
maryland. it's going to be quite a site and we'll take through life coming up and we'll see a lot of take offs in the next 15 or 20 minutes. >> can't wait to see that. in the meantime let's take live look outside on this gorgeous tuesday morning. probably one of the best days of the week so far enjoy it while you can. 71 r really nice degrees out there. >> let's get right to your top stories this morning. we'll start with the murder affair fax county teenager earning worldwide attention now. >> indeed it is. family of the 17-year-old muslim girl they insist she was targeted because of her rel religion. that disputes police claims she was the victim of road rage. >> in the meantime learning more about the man accused of killing that teenager as well his immigration status is now in question. >> melanie alnwick live in sterling with the latest details. mel? >> reporter: good morning. several times yesterday fairfax county police made it clear that at this point they have no information to indicate that suspect darwin martinez torres was motivated to commit this murder by any kind of bias against particular race or religion, instead they say he flew into a
8:02 am
when he came across the teens early sunday morning. 17-year-old navra hassanen was a group of 15 teens walking back to the adams mosque from mcdonald's at three c 40:00 in e morning. her father believes their clothing drew the suspect's attention. >> this is what i believe, you know, many people in the street. why i'm behind the muslim ladies and this lady she have, you k know, long dress and cloth for, you know, everybody know it's muslim. i just want to see him look into his eye and ask him why do you this to my daughter? >> reporter: now police say some of the kids were in the road and torres got into a traffic argument with one boy. then caught up with him in parking lot and began chasing them with baseball bat. the kids scattered but he caugh
8:03 am
witness bat put her in his car and dumped her body in allow loudoun county pond. police reiterated they have no evidence that torres had something against muslims. >> if during the course of this on-going active criminal investigation information or evidence surfaces that would indicate that this was potential hate motivated at that point detectives would obviously take the investigation in that di direct. >> reporter: we've also learned torres who's from el salvador may be in the country illegally. immigrations and cuff toms enforcement lodged detainer against torres monday evening but also added that agents had no prior contact with him we can tell that you torres currently being held without bond and police said that it is possible that this case could end up being prosecuted in loudoun county a number of crime seen here's some of the crimes were committed in loudoun county, and also want to tell you
8:04 am
mosque this morning is saying that they do have confidence in local law enforcement to fully investigate and prosecute this case and they will hold the funeral here tomorrow morning. live in sterling, i'm melanie alnwick fox5 local news. ♪ team coverage of this coverage continues to grow. >> holly joins us with a look at the justice from around the world exploding on social media. holly. >> it really is gaining ground maureen and steve. thousands of teams and social media post can now be found with the justice for navra hash tag. some include the hash tag. others include pictures of the girl or a drawing of a woman wearing a head scarf. it's interesting we've been monitoring this and watching the trend grow, and just as we said not a lot of people saying things but just wanting people to know that they want justice for this woman and they want her to be remembered. we did see some people say please keep nabra and her familiar until our prayers. justice for nabra
8:05 am
morning. several vigils that are planned in cities across the country for nabra the at least ten vigils being held in her honor -- excuse me. many of them are taking place tonight including dupont circle in d.c. the other ones are going to happen later this week. i'll let you all go ahead and continue that information. >> you got it. thanks holly. of course, all the locations and times of the vigils will be on our website also in addition to the hash tags vigils as we just said. we'll get that online in case you want to go and see more on that story with the justice for nabra hash tag. we talking weather right now or doing -- what happened overnight. >> tornado live pictures there. from silver spring. >> apparently it was a tornado confirmation yet. >> confirmation confirmed by the national weather service. ef0 tornado that touched down in that neighborhood. winds 70 miles an hour. i mean look at it. have we been saying two houses were -- >> yeah. >>
8:06 am
but nonetheless a lot of damage elsewhere with the fallen trees and downed power lines. >> a lot of folks without power which is unfortunate during the summer months with the heat building. again, very bad storms yest yesterday. good news quieter today for the cleanup. temperatures 7 degrees colder than this time yesterday around the region. gaithersburg 8 degrees colder at this hour. temperatures comfortable this morning in the 70s. 74 now in washington. so we've come up 3 degrees since last hour. gaithersburg out of the 60 noose the low 70s you go. 78 gaithersburg. west minster martinsburg at 72 as well as dulles. manassas good morning to you, 70 at this hour. fredericksburg 71 degrees. some storms rumbled through fredericksburg as well yesteray afternoon. satellite/radar much quieter this morning. remain quite through the afternoon more sunshine coming our way as we roll on through the afternoon hours. 88 degrees your daytime high on what is by the way the last full day of spring. we bring in summertime 12:25am tomorrow morning. good news is, first dave summer forecast looks very very similar to today. >> all
8:07 am
at least for two days we can enjoy it. >> right. >> let's check in with erin get a check on traffic. >> it's officially summer but i consider summer from memorial day on. >> right. >> that's just me. big problems heading into glenn bernie. 100 on the eastbound side at 97 overturned tractor trailer. huge police presence no traffic goating by. detour at 170. and then also, we're seeing the rubberneck delays they've cleared up on the westbound side. let's switch it over and show you some of our drive times. because it is very slow. first we'll show you this 270 camera where you're at a crawl approaching the beltway. basically from urbana to the beltway you're seeing about 45 minute slow down. we'll go ahead and switch things over right now right by falls road and we're seeing some very heavy traffic in the local lanes and main lanes as we switch it over to our maps, virginia drive times are just not so fun. eastbound side of 66 from 234 to the beltway will take i was an hour and 19 minutes. no crashes just a whole lot of congestion. 95 northbound 46 minutes from dale city to the beltway. 395 capital beltway to the 14th street bridge solid red zone with 3
8:08 am
and 12 minute trip from 123 to the 14th street bridge on gw southbound. delays grown even more on 270 southbound from 109 to the beltway. 87 minutes so that's an hour and 27 minute ride. sorry about that for my commuters in maryland. outer loop is sluggish 23 minute ride from 95 to 270. 95 in the outer loop pennsylvania avenue to bw parkway. sluggish as well but not as bad what we're seeing on 66 eastbound 270 southbound that crash still blocking the shoulder at 80 not helping the situation. metro on time except for red line impacted by safetrack. maureen and steve. >> erin, thanks very much. funeral plans pend fog the american student who died after being released by north korea. otto warmbier died none in cincinnati his hometown he was in coma released last week after spending 17 months in north korean prison. warmbier the university of virginia student was sentenced to 15 years of hard labor for stealing a poster. this is what the president had to say and reaction to the student's death. >> he spent a year and a half
8:09 am
north korea. a lot of bad things happened. but at least we got him home to be with his parents. >> lawmakers now calling on north korea to release all detained americans. white house press secretary sean spicer will be stepping back from giving reporters daily press briefings. he is currenly looking for someone to fill that role. and reportedly has reached out to fox news contributor laura ingram the job as communications director needs to be filled following last month's resignation of mike depth key. right now he's managing both the communications and press office. >> dozen of women pilots battling it out this morning. it all starts in frederick maryland where the air race classic is getting underway. >> out west crews try to get wildfire under control while also battling an intense heat wave. back after this. fter this.
8:10 am
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8:12. fun event coming in just a few minutes this morning. if you live in frederick keep your eyes or anywhere near frederick keep your eyes to the skies a treat coming up. forty-first annual air race classic about to get underway. >> yes indeed. 52 airplanes all flown by women will be taking off. fox5's bob barnard is live there now for classic view. what's this all about, bob? >> reporter: hey, guys. we're here on the tarmac at the frederick municipal airport take look you've got they're numbered these are all the airplanes that are s
8:13 am
they'll take off at 8:30 this morning. and for this 2600-mile trek across the country. they're going to end up in sante fe new mexico by friday. some of them could make it in a couple of days. and so these are all the planes small aircraft i want to show right behind us, this is being flown by debbie co-pilot seat up there she's a just retired southwest airlines pilot. her step daughter here with her back to us christine. we're on life tv. you are a southwest airlines pilot but you'll buy this beach craft bonanza country in a race you've never done before. >> never done anything like this before. >> it's exciting. we're kind of nervous to get started. it will be fun to get going. >> what's the goal here and is there a strategy to this? >> there's strategy. each airplane a handicapped how fast it flys. you have to try to beat your team for each airplane. done mathematically formulate because all the airplanes are different speeds. we're just t
8:14 am
time. >> good luck. >> thanks. >> christine and debbie. >> lynn kay wood with the air race here. lynn, thanks so much for inviting us out here. tell me about this. this is not a new thing this race. >> no. this is the 41st running of this race. but it's actually been going on with different organi organizats since 1929. amelia earhart once flew in this race. >> she was in the very first race. and she actually came in third place in the first race. louise stay ten wouldn't she form the 99 international organization of women pilots at the end of that first place. >> reporter: so they have the first stop up in ohio today. right? i guess refueling stops. >> right. >> reporter: they have stops in indiana, iowa, minnesota, kansas, oklahoma and texas before they arrive in sante fe new members coach these two planes that we're showing you here, the closest one is an ohio state university, three college students from ohio state you see the ladies posing up there with the other airplane they are from middle tennessee state. you have some teams
8:15 am
colleges and universities, and then you have people like debbie and christine here who we met who are veteran commercial pilots but doing this for the first time. >> right. so it's great to see. we even have a student pilot with only 67 hours in her logbook, all the way up to debbie with over their thousand hours of flight time. so a lot of different experience levels. but everybody is having a grand time and really enjoying the race. >> so student pilots and debbie who has been flying for 53 years and a number of these guys they're two mother/daughter teams and 16 of these 52 airplanes will be flown by college or university students and you look spin around behind you indira. those in the red are middle tennessee and in the white are ohio state and they're bonding over this experience, again, guys, the first planes take off here they're going up every 30 seconds starting in about 15 minutes. so we'll stay here and as they start flying, we'll show you some live pictures and probably put something together for our
8:16 am
of interesting and cool people out here. lin thanks for having us. safe flight, everyone. >> thanks lot. >> cool. >> bob, you talked to debbie with 30,000 hours of the flight time. >> right. can you imagine. >> those are not commercial planes. i wonder how many hours the comfort factor s for those planes. >> reporter: well, you know, debbie here who's going to take last peek at the engine here and her step daughter christine who are both southwest airline pilots say this is -- this is more nerve racking for them. debbie we were just just retired southwest airline pilot. >> a year ago, yeah. >> christine who is currently still a south -- flying 737s. she's more nervous doing this. >> how can that be? >> well, we looked at a world from a much hire altitude, and down here, you know, we're trying to take the straightest track and hopefully get the best winds we can get, and make it fly a little faster than, um, than you would normally to try to conserve fuel. but we're just going to burn
8:17 am
[ laughter ] >> we're trying to go as fast as we can. >> reporter: debbie, have fun. i would trust you. >> thank you. >> reporter: in the cockpit of a 737. and also this beach craft bonanza. good luck to you guys. >> thank you very much. >> reporter: pretty cool, guys. >> yes, it is, very cool. >> competitive juices are flowing. i love that. >> bob, looking forward to seeing take offs in a few minutes. pefect day for flying, mike. >> absolutely fantastic day for flying. great time before we get to the weather. how about we warm our hearts a little bit. >> let's do that. >> favorite time of the day. fox5 first five. >> mission accomplish. >> hi. >> this is harley, everybody. >> hi, harley. >> guess what she just celebrated her first birthday. >> of course she did. >> look at her. >> happy birthday. >> hello pig tails i love that. >> she went to the aquarium for it. >> very cool. happy birthday. >> awesome place for birthday. >> hi harley cute girl. >> she watches fox5 every single morning with her family. we love it harley. starting them off young. >> had the how we like them. that's how we keep them. >> you want your child to b
8:18 am
fox5 first five photo of the day head over to our facebook page and post your picture below harley' there is. >> little cheeks, so squeezable. >> happy happy birthday. >> for that birthday, humidity taking a break today. so good day to get out and about if you want to head to the pool. outdoor activities you'll be just fine. reagan national 74 degrees. dulles 72. bwi72 as well. crystal clear skies out there. frederick, mary, clear skies for them. beautiful day to get out and start that race off pretty clear conditions all the way through the midwest not until they hit the rockies will they hit bad weather. so again best of love to the racers here's a look at your ffox5 accu weather seven day forecast. 80s the next couple of days. 90s back toward the end of the week. unsettled weather in time fort weekend. 91 of that is set in stone. we'll keep an eye on that you for the next few days. >> erin, trouble on the roads. overturned truck in that one shot earlier. >> still there maureen if you're traveling to glenn bernie this is important for
8:19 am
this is 100 eastbound right at 97. overturned tractor trailer completely blocking the road they had been letting the left shoulder squeak by to get that delay out right now you'll have to detour at 170 to get around that. at least the westbound side the rubberneck delay as eased but again this is causing big problems us a travel through glenn bernie this morning. let's switch it over and show you what else you're up against. ton of slow moving traffic from clarksburg down to the beltway we don't have any crashes here. we have one blocking the shoulder at that point at 80. an hour and 20 minute commute pretty nasty there at least northbound side looks good. as we take a look at our maps other problems. other slow zones as you head out. you can see all of that jammed up traffic 395 a parking lot the entire stretch of the 14th street bridge. bw parkway in both directions and 95 southbound from the icc on down. very heavy traffic. and look at that. fredericksburg to stafford, you're in for about a 30 minute delay with congestion. metro on time accept for safetrack. red line impacted still. back to you maureen and steve. >> too much traffic. >> i guess it. out west the problem
8:20 am
there are several large wildfires burning in california, utah, colorado, even alaska having problems this morning. just outside of los angeles a fast spreading brush fire prompted evacuations of the popular big bear lake recreation area out in san bernardino. in utah, a large wildfire threatening someone hundred homes and businesses and around the ski town of bryant head in southwest utah. not far from the grand canyon. >> speaking of extreme heat wave high temperatures grounded 50 regional flights out of the phoenix airport today. american airlines says smaller planes have maximum operating temperature of 118 degrees and it's forecast to reach 120 degrees today. meanwhile in vegas visitors are being told to take it easy. famous strip considered one of the hottest spots because of its long stretches of pavement. if you're looking for way to pay off your parking tickets how about donating blood. yeah. cedar rapids oy what you can do just that. the city hosting their second annual citation forgiveness blood drive the police department says the idea came from a blood shortage in
8:21 am
area. >> we wanted to show a strong community connection and this is just, you know, how we're, you know, using parking resources and, you know, somewhat of a, you know, negative kind of perception of parking to turn it into something positive. >> officers do not mind losing the money and parking violation fines since they are helping those in need. >> that's nice of them. >> still ahead massive turtle wonders away from the sea and ends up taking a dip in backyard pool. >> you don't see that every day. speaking of things you don't see every day, imagine seeing this guy in your front yard. is that what i think it is. hello there. we'll show was happened when a massachusetts officer came face to face with a 1,000-pound pig. ♪ ♪♪ grit. some have it, some don't. when the odds are stacked against you, you either hide or stand up.
8:22 am
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♪ >> bite full morning. 8:24. 73 degrees. gorgeous out there. ahh, summer just peeking its head a couple days from now. a day from now. enjoy the temperatures. beautiful day. all right. how about this? a imagine walking outside and finding a 250-pound sea turtle in your pool. you can see that's exactly what happened in one florida home yesterday. wildlife officials rescue the turtle then released it back into the ocean. they say the turtle was healthy at the time of the rescue. it ises
8:25 am
florida keys. investigators say the female may have become disoriented after claiming a shore to lay her eggs. >> can we talk about that home on the water. >> can i have that home? >> beautiful. >> this is unexpected sight outside of a home in georgetown massachusetts. dam cash video captured that animal in the front yard. police officer called to the scene of giant pig, a 1,000-pound pig in somebody's front yard. you know how people get the cute pig pigs as pets and everybody says, careful they grow up. this actually is somebody's pet. pig's name is bruno. bruno got away from his owner and started wandering eventually bruno's owner was located. the happy reunion. everybody got back together. bruno got his treats. >> wow. >> all is well that ends well. >> if i saw that in my yard -- >> it would be over. >> specials physical i was coming hope in the mill of the night. >> i guess it's kind of cute. >> he seems like very friendly pig. >> sure. sure. >> check in with mike thomas check of the forecast last day of spring. >> last day of spring i had a friend growing up who h
8:26 am
pig. used basketball surprised how much just like dogs they are. >> yeah. >> big loveable animals. 74 degrees your current temperature outside in d.c. few high thin clouds. winds out of the south and west turn out of the west today that will bring in little bit drier air. humidity value dropping through the afternoon. temperature currently comfortable 74 degrees out there 70 at gatorring burg. 72 for dulles. 73 up in frederick this morning. so again better feel around the region already outside as you start your day. satellite/radar showing what was our front from yesterday brought all the storms has now pushed off the coastline we're breaking out into sunshine across the region we'll have plenty of it later on this afternoon. 82 degrees at 11:00 o'clock. 86 by 2:00 o'clock. 87 degrees by 5:00 o'clock. lots of sunshine. your high today about 88 in washington later on this afternoon. most around the region heading for the mid to upper 80s. >> all right. more details in the forecast coming up. let's go to erin como for a check of your traffic. >> i thought the forecast felt really hot until i look out what's going out in las vegas and arizona mike.
8:27 am
one hadn't dread still shut down on the eastbound side disabled tractor trailer overturned right there that's 100 at 97 eastbound traffic being diverted at 170 so watch out for that heading through glenn bernie. drive times in virginia not pleasant an hour and 20 minute delay from prince william parkway to the beltway on 66 eastbound. it will take you 46 minutes. 95 northbound through dale city and then 39542 minutes to get to the 14th street bridge from the beltway. george washington parkway southbound a little bit better compared to that one. maryland delays next much that's your look at traffic. back to you guys. >> erin, thank you very much. coming up gender neutral kindergarten classes? why experts are linking the limit less classrooms with increased amounts of succes in kids. plus push to ban the sale of smart phones for kids under the age of 13. degree or disagree? we'll discuss in tuesday talker. sarah fraser will join us next.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ >> getting ready to take off 111 women air racing departing from fredericks airport. forty-first annual air race classic. oh, man. it is shaping up to be a classic indeed. >> fuel ups underway they'll race all the way to sante fe new mexico. take somewhere between two and four days dee bending on the size of the plane to get there. but it should be fun. take offs coming up pretty soon. >> gorgeous day to do it. >> sure s. okay. so do you remember that playboy model who posted motto of older woman at her gym, right. >> of course.
8:31 am
danny matter social security her name she laughed at the woman and got slammed for body shaming well now she says that fire storm was actually the best thing that could have ever happened to her. >> all right. believe it or don't believe it sarah fraser here for tuesday talkers. good to see you this morning. hi. >> hi you guys. good morning. >> good morning. >> aha moment. >> that's what she says. maureen is like i don't believe it. >> so danny matters just gave this kind of tell all, you know, reflecting over the past year since this whole nude snap chat went out, and she says it was the best thing that ever happened to her. that she has had to really look inside herself. she says the hate has been relentless. she's taken a year off social media because every time she goes on, of course, people have a lot of choice things to say about her. do you buy it? she basically is saying i would not take this experience back for any because it's really been such a growing thing. >> you have to move forward the best that you can. i also know she got pretty lenient sentence when it came to this. >> right. >> probation and clean up the -- >> didn't she lose her
8:32 am
status or ago mean rescind some offer. >> she was smart enough to say this and say take the high road. i learned from this. sure. >> and move on and hopefully do things better. if she calls back into that trap again -- >> i think everyone has their road to damascus moment if you will. i think maybe it happened. but, you know, maybe i'm just too jade. i feel like there's a but to it. something happened. i'll say i have this moment. we'll see in the long run if she definitely uses this to turn things around and do some good, you know. >> okay. i get it. >> there's a little hinkieness for me. >> i think it's more she wants to get back to her life before this happened. >> i bet she would. >> without any -- >> really? i didn't sense that. i thought the article was very sincere and saying, look, i know, you know, she said, i have gotten more involved in anti bullying charities to kind of try and understand more about it. and i don't know. i felt it was it was very sincere. i do think you have -- did you? >> yeah. i think live happens. do you have those moments that you think i'm sure at the time, you know --
8:33 am
>> you thought it was funny. >> having been in this business so long you feel like there's always something. >> pr twist to it. >> behind things like this. yeah. i don't know. i'm feeling a little hmm there might be something. good luck to her. i hope she has -- >> good luck sister it's never getting off the internet. >> right. >> we'll keep reminding you what's this about gender neutral kindergarten in sweden a lot of success with center neutral kindergartens none of the toys have any sort of gender. there's no barbies i there's no kens. severing gender neutral toys that's all they play with. they do not associate anything with like oh, maureen, like you're so sweet or no words that describe or could label you in a little girl mode or little boy mode. little boys are a loud to crime little girls are a loud to be angry, and in fact they even have a gender neutral word which i'm going to completely say wrong i think it's hen. so that's just basically referring to you as a friend instead of hey you're a little boy or you'll
8:34 am
they're singing incredible success results as these kids grow up. >> i think it's interesting. it read a few articles on this. >> yeah. >> they've been doing this for almost 20 years since they started this concept. >> oh okay. >> i think not surprisingly, having had any problems with the kids the only blow back from some of the parents and the adults. but what i think is curious and like sarah said like the example they used in one of the articles was instead of saying come on guys let's play football. hey friends we're all goiing to play football if you want to play if you're a boy or girl it doesn't matter. this is the activity. >> this is in sweden. >> in sweden. >> the swedes are very well adjust. >> why just one year? >> what is this magic of just kindergartner once you hit six years from one to six suddenly you're -- >> maybe you're so form at that point you have the foundation now. now you're be able copy nope more gender neutral world. >> i'm saying that, i'm about to put my daughter in all girls school. >> you are yes. >> yeah. i went to all girls school. i'm
8:35 am
>> this is a choice much this is not mandatorily it's an option if something that parents want to do. >> that's so good. another that's a whole other discussion. >> the kids are well adjusted at the end of the day if they're well adjusted great. >> i love it. i think it's a great idea. i'm sure it will be hard to convince peopled to it here. >> i would love to hear wisdom martin's take on it. >> speaking of kids -- >> how young is too young to old a cell phone. >> the guy in colorado who essentially says that kids under 13 do not need a smart phone. 13 should be the ace when you are allowed to get one and start to get one. what's your thoughts on that. >> my number one thought is, leave it up to the parents this should not be the government telling was age you should should not have a phone. >> isn't this like when we had tetris on your game boy and people like oh that's just going to -- >> we're fine. >> in some places you're never going to let 13 year old out of your site. in some places the 13-year-olds have so much independence would you not want to know where they are at all times? would you not want them to have a way to get a hold of you.
8:36 am
government start fining you and all that nonsense much please a parent let me take care of my kid. if my kid is capable of using cell phone, with all the stuff, let him do it. if not, lemme be the parent and police my own house. get out of my business. >> you got to train them to dial 911, right. >> does your daughter know how to do. >> of course. >> no one has land line any more. >> i do just fort internet connection. >> she can't -- your daughter can't take the land line with her. >> maureen is the last one. >> see you on good day, right. >> thanks, guys, yes. >> 8:36. hi, mike. >> checking your weather forecast for the day. much better weather moving in for this final day of spring. humidity heat and humidity is gone. comfortable temperatures of 74 in d.c. 10 degrees cooler in pittsburgh this morning at 64 as well as columbus, detroit at 62 degrees. many of our suburbs started in the 60s but starting to creep up into the 70s he we got lots of sunshine breaking out across the region clouds pushing over the eastern shore and again a sunny bright and beautiful day. high pressure in control. that bring the good weather this time of year. drier air moving
8:37 am
temperatures later on think afternoon heading up into the 80s. last day of spring your high temperature 88 degrees today. we'll bring in summer tomorrow. 12:25 in the morning. first day of the summer. much of the same, 88 degrees, humidity feeling pretty good as he will. all right. that's weather. erin como back with traffic. >> all right. 8:37. and we're just seeing a mess on 100 eastbound out by 97 heading through glenn bernie. you can see they are making some progress. they have tow truck of sorts on location trying to get this overturned tractor trailer out of the way. traffic still detour at 170 watch for additional volume around the secondaries surrounding 100 westbound side looking good very light volume. let's go ahead and switch it over and show i was look at our maps. other problems first i want to show you this delay. earlier crash this is 295 on the southbound side out by eastern avenue. that crash cleared but delays from north of 50 in riverdale park all the way down to the 11th street bridge. looking pretty, pretty crowded out there. let's switch it over and see if we can look at our maps. if you're taking metro closed stations on the red line shady ov
8:38 am
safetrack surge 16 through the 25th. shuttle service on buses does relays rail service between showed grove and twin brooks. any questions erin fox5 d.c. on twitter. it's such a busy morning. back to you guys. >> unfortunately on the roads it is. let's talk about the lincoln memorial. we told you it was shut down because of some issues. it's set to reopen today after under going a thorough cleaning. the pool was closed for several days so it could be drained and treated for parasite in the water. back in may, crews found 80 dead ducklings in the pool because of a parasite. it's also known to cause skin rashes in humans. hopefully that's all taken care of reflecting pool open to the >> very nice. big bundle of joy at the virginia zoo. details how you can help to name the park's new baby giraffe. >> new resort is naming sleep apnea as a factor. a new report i should say naming sleep apnea as a factor in the death of actress carrie fisher. doctors say it is an underrated health condition that needs to be addressed. ♪ ♪♪
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
>> live look outside right now. beautiful start to the day. temperatures bumping up a couple of degrees right now. 73 degrees. last full day of spring. check in with mike in a couple of minutes. new baby giraffe at the virginia zoo. virginia see needs help in naming the little baby girl. she was born on june 4th. the zoo says it's accepting name submissions until this friday. >> staff want the female calf's name to sta
8:42 am
>> that's cute picture. >> lucky winner will get a pack of four zoo tickets an zoo swag bag the name will be announced next week. >> all right. >> inga. >> send your suggestions in. see that measuring chart on the side wall starts at 6 feet. >> i like it. >> goes up from there. time right now 8:42. check in with holly and wisdom cfind out what's coming up on good day. >> this story is getting worldwide attention. >> talking about the murder of fairfax county teen her parents say she was killed because she is muslim police say it's the case of road rage. we're life. at 9:15 it is a fox5 exclusive others are now trying to follow. is one local school district faking the grades? >> holly it's time to put up that good day guest list and here it is. >> they call him doctor 90210 he's a world famous plastic surgeon to the stars. he's telling all in his newoo
8:43 am
and he'll join us live. >> former vice-president joe biden's daughter ashley is here with how you can make a fashion statement. >> he's been on empire, reality shows and this morning he's showing us the top five moves we should be doing before that jul. good day d.c. all two hours of it is just moments away. ♪ >> all right. looking forward to seeing both of in you just a few. all right. still ahead this morning a warning with anybody who has plans to fly this summer. new study rang kying the dirtiet place on a plane. it may actually surprise you.
8:44 am
8:45 am
[ indistinct chatter ] [ intense music playing ] it's here, but it's going by fast. the opportunity of the year is back: the mercedes-benz summer event. get to your dealer today for incredible once-a-season offers, and start firing up those grilles. lease the e300 for $569 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer.
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♪ all right. 8:45 is the time. we're looking at the air race classic out there in frederick as 111 women get ready to take to the skies in the race all the way out west. man, exciting to see them taking off any time now. we're close. we're close. >> also close to your forecast for that, though, we only have to wait ten seconds. live look at the planes out there. beautiful day for flying. they got great weather. not just here but out through the midwest as well. we'll keep that right there you can see them take off. i want to keep -- i want to show you tropical tracker because we actually have two systems we're watching tropical storm brett
8:47 am
trinidad and tobago. coastal portions of venezuela as well. not a big concern for us. we expected the kind of fadeaways it hits a zone of unfavorable development here in the caribbean. we're watching this storm in the gulf not yet named but strong enough could it become tropical storm here before the end of the day. lots of rain being thrown up towards the gulf states this could make landfall late tomorrow night or early thursday morning. check out the track as it track up in our direct. that would mostly just bring tropical moisture our way and give us a better chance of thunderstorms as we head into friday and saturday. so we'll keep an eye on that. 74 comfortable degrees here in washington this hour. dulles at 72 as well as man manassas, gaithersburg 70 degrees. frederick they're about to take off 73 degrees this hour. look at your flying conditions. pretty clear skies right up there towards the frederick rick area stretches out through the midwest beautiful day for flying later on this afternoon.
8:48 am
beautiful sunshine and blue skis out there. v index very very high. if the kids are off school and get out to the pool definitely throw the sunscreen on you'll need it later on this afternoon. 88 degrees what we're heading for later today. just a few passing clouds from time to time. winds will be out of the weather and that's a warm direction. we'll have the heat today it will come with lot less humidity more comfortable afternoon feel coming to the d.c. region. take a look on the your fox5 accu setter seven day forecast. last day of spring as steve mention add few minutes ago. 88 degrees. we head towards your first day of summer starts at 12:25 tomorrow morning also the longest day of the year. erin como he mentioned summer officially starts on memorial day longest day of the year your first official start of summer. 88 degrees. summertime temps coming back on thursday. into degrees unfortunately we get the humidity back as well. mentioned we're keeping an eye on that system in the proper tropic could bring us thunderstorms second half of friday and into saturday as well 95 for friday. 88 on saturday. weekd
8:49 am
unsettled. keal an eye on those storms much that's a check of your forecast. back to you. >> all right. thank you mike. if you plan on flying any time soon, there's one place in the cabin you want to avoid to touching. >> where do you think the most germs are on the plane? actual the tray tables. new study found tray tables collect the most bacteria according to researchers at travel math. flight ten dance weighed in saying they're rarely sanitized. >> ew. also on the lift of germy yesterday the seat pocket, the seat belts, the in flight magazine. now for sure. some of those are yuk and those complimentary pillows and blankets, yeah. >> careful when unique. time to say hello our facebook fan of the day. it goes to christina harris nom mated by her mom chain n looking all fancy, right. >> christina a recent graduate from washington math science and tech public charter school. >> yes, she's also an honor student who has been septembered at 17 colleges and received 14 scholarship offers. christina, you don't look just fabulous
8:50 am
beauty to match. i am loving every bit of this. go, girl, go girl, go girl, yes. >> i was m84:93 days from our next zip trip this friday we'll be annapolis, maryland. >> come out friday june 23 from 6:00 to 11:00. i'll there be, steve will be there, tucker will be there. we would love for you to be there. come out out. it will be lot of fun. >> looks like -- we look forward to seeing you there before we head to break while encounter to show you weren't again texas rancher using his lassos skills he snag himself a gator. 10-foot gator. he caught the gator breaking into cattle penn on his ranch east of dallas he and two other men wrestle it until they can tape its mouth shut. one guy did suffer minor injuries. the reptile has been relocate to do a gator farm. do not try this at home. 8:50. back after this. yikes!
8:51 am
8:52 am
♪ 8:52. just about everybody has a favorite place to get the best french fries. some wear by mcdonald's others say five guys is the place to go or your local place. >> but new research says even moderate munching of fries could be really bad for your health. dr. mike cirigliano joins us now with more. dr. mike, say it ain't so. between my niece and nephew, my daughter, i know fries are pretty much their diet. >> you better believe it, maureen. the bottom line
8:53 am
man, woman and child they consume about four servings of french fries a week. so it's a staple of the american diet. the problem is, that new data suggests that if you have more than two or three servings a week it's going to double your risk of dying. now, why is that? number one, these have lots of calories especially if you throw some cheese on there. it also has lots of salt. when you deep fry potatoes, you can generate a chemical called a krill low mod which is they are receipt klee not so hot for you, and all of that couldn't spires to increase blood sugars and leads to a big stomach and what we say in medicine, a big old butt. [ laughter ] >> that's the problem. >> this is quite possibly mike the worst news i've ever heard. >> right. > in my life. >> well -- >> if is it fries, i don't mean to cut
8:54 am
is it fries any different any fried foods? >> well, fries, and potato ch chips. whenever you have a lot of calories, and a high temperature cooking and lots of salt, it's not good. now, throw in this. i'm not just beating up on french fries. you're not just going to have french fries. you're going to have a steak or a burger or something else that's high calorie density that will just add tons of calories and as we consume all of this, we're going to have more and more problems with obesity, hypertension and then diabetes. all of these things will lead to an early dem mice much like my grandfather used to say everything in moderation. do you care it once in awhile. my wife does bake potatoes and i
8:55 am
actually like bake potatoes. no heavy cream. no butter. a little bit of pepper. it's the way to go. >> all right. dr. mike, we only have about a minute left i want to get to this very serious issue. actress carrie fisher reports of her death obviously what caused. we're hearing sleep apnea. i i thought you sleep with a sleep machine and you figure out you have it and you're okay. i didn't think you can die from it. >> well, i brought a friend with me. this is how i like whoo i can get french fries by the way. but what happens is, with sleep apnea, obstructing sleep apnea you have a collapse throughout the night of the oral pharynx and you can't get oxygen in there, and it puts a strain on the heart and lungs. now, in carrie fisher's case, that was listed as one of the causes of her did he mice. now the autopsy report came out of the just yesterday i mean she had a cornucopia of drugs. she had open yates, alcohol, methadone
8:56 am
everything you can think of was in there, and that certainly did not help her. but sleep apnea makes you tired during the day can increase your risk of dying. so if you're out there and you live with someone who snores or someone that wakes up tired, they may have sleep apnea it's an easy diagnosis to make, and an easy condition to treat. so do it. because it really can improve the quality of your life. >> doctors orders. mike, i'm changed man no longer will have burger witness fries. the fries are the main course now and i'm going to be healthy. [ laughter ] >> all right. come see me. we'll go out together. we'll eat. >> trust me if i do i'll be coming to see you. thanks, mike. >> rolling into philly. >> bye doctor. >> all right. >> gang is altogether. one last check of weather. >> yeah. all right. i'm with you steve. french fries all the way. let's go quick look at the seven day forecast. it's going to be beaut
8:57 am
temperatures in the 80s. 90s come back on thursday and friday, though, summertime not too far away. >> all right. challenges this morning on the roads, too. >> that's right. it looks like we've changed -- this is the number one plane. >> taxiing over to the runway right now up in frederick maryland. we'll see take offs about every 30 seconds to minute and there are 111 women getting ready to fly across the country. >> that is so cool. i'm really excited about this. >> look at this. >> we'll keep an eye on the and keep the camera up for good day and see you on the other side of the break. >> hot prettier than traffic going on right now. that's good news. >> for sure. ♪ ♪♪
8:58 am
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get it? butterball. the choice of turketarians. ♪ >> straight ahead, mother nature's fury. tornado touching down in silver spring tearing down trees, damaging homes and cars and we're not the only ones feeling her wrath. record heat bringing parts of the country to standstill. we'll have a a look at what comes next. >> funeral plans made for muslim team beaten to death a mid questions about the murderers innovation. i'm mel know alnwick live in sterling with information on the suspect and investigation. >> american student dead less than week after returning from north korea. >> it's a brutal regime, and we'll be able to handle it. are demandingorning u.s. leader-